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Scarecrow by Gene Severens from Michael Wright on Vimeo.

Scarecrow written by Gene Severens (of the band Boneyard)
arranged and performed by michael severens
we all love and miss you, bro...

Video directed by Michael James Wright
Michael Severens: Scarecrow
Postproduction and editing Cesar Guevara
Audio production Ramón Hernandez / Michael Severens
Thanks to Juan Carlos Romero

All rights reserved, do not use without written permission.

Gene Severens

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Gene Severens
Birth nameEugene Padanyi Severens
Born22 June 1963
Died19 February2006
Worcester, MA, USA
FieldMusician, Painter, Multi-media
Influenced byThe Clash, The Dead Boys,Rancid

Gene Severens (born Eugene Padanyi Severens, 22 June 1963 - 19 February 2006) was an American songwriter, musician and artist. He was the driving force behind a number of punk rock bands, first in Worcester, Massachusetts, but mostly in Providence, Rhode Island. In addition to lead vocals, Severens would perform on both bass and guitar, usually bass. As a visual artist, he worked in acrylic paint, ink, charcoal and mixed media. The aesthetic throughout was consistent: punk.

Influenced by early punk rock bands the Clash and the Dead Boys, Severens began writing song with Richard "Foghorn" Harnois with whom he founded the Aggressions c. 1984. The Aggressions, along with the Commandos and the Performers, constituted the core of Worcester's early hardcore punk scene, playing frequently at Ralph's Diner. The Aggressions enjoyed local radio success with their song "Howard Johnson's" about an ill-fated attempt to drive through a snow storm to a punk rock concert.

In Providence, Severens founded his most influential band, Boneyard, who would open for Goo Goo Dolls and Social Distortion. Members included Gail Greenwood who would later join Belly and L7. His other main Providence-based project was My Way.

[edit]The Scarecrow

The image of a scarecrow/crucifix appears throughout Severens' artwork, including as a tattoo on his right arm. This image served as a central theme for his views on the human condition: where Jesus gave the ultimate sacrifice to call down the doves of peace, modern religion has "made him a scarecrow, to chase the doves away", as Severens wrote in his song The Scarecrow.

The Scarecrow expresses the image and its meaning more fully. On the Boneyard recordings, Severens delivers the vocal, bringing his biting sarcasm to the fore. An alternate arrangement recorded by Severens' brother and accomplished cellist Michael Severens, features a simple vocal with cello accompaniment that brings out the more enduring themes to which the song points.

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